Here is the list of updates, promotions and hot topics from the BAAD Games studio!

Inhabitants of Battle Skylands – The Magnificent 10!

16 May 2016


Not seven, but as many as ten amazing personalities want to shake your hand in the Battle Skylands. Become the Chief of their village and together with them fight, conquer, avenge yourself, build, find resources… and spend your free time in a sky-bar. The inhabitants of Battle Skylands entrust you their fate. Meet 10 heroes of Skylands and guide them!

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The 1st week of BETA tests passed!

22 Apr 2016


It has been a week since our game is available in a test version. We consider all comments that we have received from you. It was the first feedback from people outside our BAAD team, so it is extremely valuable for us

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5 ways to boost resource production in Battle Skylands

18 Apr 2016


We have known for a long time that cleverness most matters in defense. The enemy has always accompanied the people who built defensive castles and surrounded them with moats. The nature in Battle Skylands left that small pieces of defensive lands, and replaced flowing around them water with the sky.

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