BAAD Games focus on respect for the rights of users, including in particular the right to privacy. All data collected during visits to our website are limited to the minimum required to improve the user experience. All data collected by us are protected under existing protocols. Activities on the site, related to securing personal data, are implemented in accordance with the applicable laws in the European Union and Poland. The BAAD Games company is open to all opinions , comments and questions regarding privacy of its users. You can contact us electronically via info@baadgames.

User rights

Information contained in system logs ( eg. IP address), resulting from the general principles of Internet connections, are used  by BAAD Games for technical purposes related to the administration of our servers. In addition, the IP addresses are used to collect general statistical and demographic information ( eg. the region of the connection ).

Data automatically collected can be used to analyze user behavior on websites or to collect demographic data about our users . Data collected in the course of correspondence between you and BAAD Games, will be used only to correct , complete and efficient response to your inquiry.

Administrator ensure that the rules  according to the processing of personal data ensure all users realization of their rights under the Act of 29 August 1997 Protection of Personal Data, in particular the right to access their own data , the right to request an update, and delete data and the right to object in the cases specified in the Act.

Cookies Policy

On our website we use cookies to:

  • operate the message about cookies (so we know that you have read and we do not need to show it again)
  • collect anonymous statistics through Google Analytics (the detailed rules are determined by Google)
  • integration with Facebook, Nasza Klasa, Twitter, Google Plus, Google Play, App Store (detailed rules are specified by listed companies.)

These Cookies may be:

  • temporary ( deleted after you leave the site or turn off your web browser)
  • fixed (stored on the user’s equipment for an indefinite period or until the user delete them)
  • statistics (for tracking the movement on the site)
  • functional (to personalize the site for the User)
  • advertisement (allow to provide the  content tailored to their personal User preferences)
  • necessary to maintain safety.


The following descriptions are not strict definitions. Their purpose is an approximation of certain terms used in this document

  • cookie – small piece of information stored by the server on your computer, that server can recognize when you reconnect.
  • system log – information that the server gets from user’s computer each connection , it can contain different data ( eg. IP number), which can be used to more or less accurately determine place of the connection.
  • IP address – a unique number of each computer connected to the Internet, the IP address may be permanently connected to your computer (static) or assigned to it ( dynamic).