Hi there!

We are the game development studio and professional video game industry enthusiasts from Wroclaw, Poland. Our specialization covers client-server based games for mobile and social platforms.

The story of BAAD Games begins at the moment the company founders – four young and talented experts, meet at a beer and decided to start their own adventure in the world of video games…

Our first published title is LandLord, the city builder social game for Facebook and other social platforms. Players love LandLord for its realistic graphics, bustling in-game city life, hundreds of tasks to resolve, ability to make friends with other mayors worldwide and the biggest area available in that type of games... Really. We've reached over 2 millions people already and we are still getting new everyday...

Meanwhile the team grown and immediately started the development on new projects. 

Chicken Fly! is our first title for mobile platforms. That's a fast-paced infinite runner game about a cock escaping from an evil, hungry, country lady. You should try it and check out if it will give you as much fun as it has given already to almost one million players worldwide on Facebook, Android and iOS.

The latest game we have produced and released is Battle Skylands! It is the most ambitious and certainly the biggest of our all already finished projects until today. Battle Skylands is kind of an online action-RTS game, in which players get into the world of amazing fights between floating cities...

While you are reading this, we are working on improvements and brand-new cool features for our titles and maybe inventing something really hot! Wish us good luck!

About us

team-mocarz Krzysiek

In BAAD Games he realizes his passions as a developer of Java and C ++. Besides, he is interested in new technologies and movies of different class. In his spare time he runs away from the city for skis. He treat his numerous hobbies with equal enthusiasm.

team-mieszkanka Karolina

Designs, draws, even thinks in three dimensions. At work she creates objects, characters and games spaces, in her spare time she materializes her ideas in a 3D printer.

team-kobieta-taran Ania

She prefer to create rather than spoil, but as marketing whizz, she sometimes has to destroy someone's plan and write it again. In her free time she turns battering ram into an equally heavy backpack and walks in the mountains.

team-lotnik Bartosz

The passionate of computer games and algorithmic challenges. He definitely loves what he's doing!

team-mechanik Krzysztof

This guy simply worships various modifications, alterations and upgrades (never downgrades!) - no matter if it's about hardware or software. Big fan of C++, Python and low-level thinking. He spends his free time on learning new technologies and tools used primarily in game development and 3D-graphics programming.

team-dziewczyna-z-dzida Gosia

She cares about our existance! Gosia manages the office and tests our games. She is passionate about geology and travel. She doesn't stop discovering new places and skills mobilizing for further action.

team-barbarzynca Andrzej

He has extremely rare, extra nervous systems in bicepses and three-headed muscles. Thanks to them, he knows how to start a business, and solve complex programming problems with the superluminal speed.

team-bomberman Bartek

Hard-working and full of energy to act. The expert of latest technologies and video games industry. As the CEO, he best knows that the combination of passion, technology and diligence makes games creating quite attractive job.

Have you tried our best games?


Kate Morgan

Game fantastic, you can play it and at this fun is cheerful. Incredible and very addictive. I would it recommend the most.

Robert Pork

Super game for the whole family. Inventive and very funny. You really can have a laugh. Well done 5 . I love it.