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10 Android games with no Easter Eggs

27 Mar 2016

Hello, Happy Easter! We have prepared for you 10 Android games that thematically refer to today’s feast. If you want to play the games about eggs and chickens, here you will find a lot of them. Unhatched, fried, flying, genetically modified, panited and many more forms of eggs invite!

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Conquer the whole sky in Battle Skylands!

25 Mar 2016

Games-Battle Skylands-1

Battle Skylands is an unusual strategy game set in the magical scenery of floating islands. As an inhabitant of Skylands you extend your settlements, discover traces of BeforeWorld and fight for new islands. And when you wage a lot of sky battles, and get everything there is to win, Promised Land will greet you with applause and glory.

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Why all games story is BAAD Games story ?

23 Mar 2016


Game cycle is impressive. Stories invented games, games started BAAD Games, BAAD Games… Read this great story why all games story is BAAD Games story. And how different people see them.

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