Inhabitants of Battle Skylands – The Magnificent 10!

16 May 2016


Not seven, but as many as ten amazing personalities want to shake your hand in the Battle Skylands. Become the Chief of their village and together with them fight, conquer, avenge yourself, build, find resources… and spend your free time in a sky-bar. The inhabitants of Battle Skylands entrust you their fate. Meet 10 heroes of Skylands and guide them!

 1. Villager


Some would say that she is more beautiful than a model. I’ll tell you more – she is also incredibly wise and unselfish. It is she who first reaches out a hand in greeting, explains the rules prevailing in Skylands and supports in difficult moments. In Battle Skylands the Villager collects apples and cuts branches with a heavy ax. She guards the village and awaits for returning from battles warriors.

2. Villager


Oh, if people today could build as he does… quickly, permanently, and in addition with just anything. I mean, what can be actually done of stone, iron and wood? A resident of Skylands, although his name is not Copperfield, is capable to build of these materials almost anything! Castles, warehouses, ranches, traps… I could long enumerate, but it would be better if you check yourself.

3. Farmland


The Farmland from Skylands maybe doesn’t look dangerous, but remember that the appearances are deceptive. His forks hide great energy. The energy of 10 thunderbolts, the strength of 10 Beauforts and the power of 10 generations. He is rather not gifted with intellect, so he won’t ask questions and his training will end very quickly.

4. Amazon


Contrary to appearances, she does not like to lie on the beach. This charming lady cannot resist the temptation to battle and conquer new islands. Beautiful blondie is fast, agile and great in the village defense and attack from a distance. Her spear cuts through the air faster than the wind whistle. There are rumors that she distracts enemy during fight, but it is not fully clear whether they are true.

5. Bomberman


This is probably the most impetuous of the heroes from Battle Skylands. Just a trifle is enough, so that the enemy learns his incredibly short-tempered character (highlighted by the Duster of Explosion). Bomberman attacks with typhoon bullets that offend several opponents at once. It is not easy to tame him and encourage to training – it takes longer and costs a little more than usually.

6. Mechanic


He doesn’t give up his pipe, even during the greatest wars. He is a ruthless fanatic of acquiring islands and his boronating drill very quickly destroys pylons. Thanks to Mechanic, you take over valuable bonus islands as quickly as you can do in Battle Skylands. He likes to spend time in bars, where he often participates in fights – therefore he has distorted, red nose.

7. Fighter


This is the fighter you haven’t met before in all your live! He is extremely resistant and strong, but quite slow and not very bright. It’s probably because he doesn’t know what he dares, Fighter crushes the toughest enemy buildings – wood, stone and iron. His mind reacts rather slow, therefore a lot of time will pass before you make him valuable and trained warrior.

8. Airman


Forever in the air, always ready to fight Airman supports warriors, flying with superluminal speed to help. Thanks to the fact that he does not touch the land, enemy may have difficulties trying to catch him. Such an ability to fly is very rare and costs some… health (remember Icarus?),  so Airman is the most expensive warrior. It takes him a lot of time to be ready to support fighting army.

9. Cholita


When it comes to beauty, she is a little behind the Amazon, but I’m sure that you have not met such a strong woman as Cholita before. This hard warrior copes well with defensive enemy objects. Cholita is stronger and braver than Chuck Norris. Even the biggest storm (and the storms in Skylands are much worse than on the Earth) does not have the destructive power as she does.

10. Hammer


This legendary hammer is a powerful tool of destruction. It’s ruler – the Hammer man – can raze the most durable structures to the ground with one hit. What’s more, the hammer has magical power of destruction a few enemies at once. Hammer man is very heavy, very dangerous, and therefore very expensive. His training lasts very long, but it is worth of the time.

Now you know all the people that you can meet in Battle Skylands. Who is most irreplaceable in a fight? Share your opinion in the comments or on Facebook.