5 ways to boost resource production in Battle Skylands

18 Apr 2016


We have known for a long time that cleverness most matters in defense. The enemy has always accompanied the people who built defensive castles and surrounded them with moats. The nature in Battle Skylands left that small pieces of defensive lands and replaced water flowing around them with the sky.

The Sky Islands are not only defensive and building areas. There are also smaller isles with resources. They are developed as tiny factories producing raw materials and places of great importance for the villages. You have the opportunity to capture them during battles. When you’re winning a fight command your warriors towards Pylons – small structures in the shape of crystals, that have isles wired to itself with strong rope or chain!

In the Skylands there are as many kinds of islands supporting production as there are types of resources!

Stone Isle


When you pin this small factory of Stone to your island your workers at Stone Masonries feel magical energy, making the resource is being produced much faster than usually. This allows you to quickly and efficiently expand your village. The Skylands is a quite bizzare land so even the Stone Isles drift in space!


Crystal Isle


Crystals formed on this land are extremely rare and valuable, and so the island itself is rare in the Skylands. If you manage to pin it to your village, the Crystal Mine starts to shine with a gleam of new Crystals. These precious stones are main building material of lighter-than-air islands.


Iron Isle


The inhabitants of the Skylands use Iron to build durable, economic and defensive construction. A few drops of this treasure of Forge adds strength to your Army. The Iron Isle attached to your land makes that blacksmith from the Skylands creates raw materials more efficiently.


Food Isle


The fight is food for thought of Skylands warriors, but without daily bread for their body – Food – they would not have won any fight. If you manage to gain this tiny factory of Food, grain on the Sky Islands grow faster and apple trees blossom quickly. Thanks to the Food, your Army regenerate and the warriors are ready for the next fight.


Wood Isle


This small island produces raw materials – Wood. Connect it to your land and the inhabitants will faster cut down threatening them tree branches and will convert them into durable building material. People are working very hard in the Sawmill when the Wood Island is near your village.

These are all amazing islands for today – the small flying lands. Which of them is the most amazing for you? Let us know in comments or on our profile on Facebook. Conquer the isles from hands of the opponents or win in difficult missions in Battle Skylands.